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Glycerin allergy

Does your sport sunscreen contain glycerin? The other sunscreens list glyceryl stearate, a type of glycerin, as one of the ingredients in the sunscreen

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out of stock

Everytime I have checked over the past 1-2 years, Sunumbra Classic has been temporarily out of stock. When will it become available? Reply: We have found

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Travel sizes and adding makeup

I wonder if you have any travel sizes? I’m flying to st Thomas and need take it with me. Also, if you use the sport, is it ok to apply foundation on top

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out of stock

Everytime I have checked over the past 1-2 years, Sunumbra Classic has been temporarily out of stock. When will it become available? REPLY: Sunumbra sunscreens

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Safe to use on the face?

Is your product safe to use on the face?

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Diane - Nicotinamide for BCC

I need a sunscreen with a minimum of 1% nicotinamide due to basal cell carninoma. Can you tell me if any of your sunscreens have at least 1 percent?

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Is Sunumbra Coral Reef friendly?

Question: We snorkel a lot as a family. Is sunumbra ecologically friendly with regard to the use in sensitive coral reef areas? Answer: Yes we are coral

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Allergic to fragrance

Q: I can't find anywhere on your website if your products are fragrance free? I am allergic to a lot of fragrances! A: All our sunscreen products do

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Washing off product

Hello, I have Sunumbra sport and I'm wondering if something like an oil based cleanser or make up remover is necessary to remove the product since it is

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pH of sunscreens

What is the pH of each of your sunscreens?

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Concern about environmental impact

Are Sunumbra sunscreens reef-friendly?

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Concern about Aloe Ferox

Hello - I have used your product for 3 years on my children and myself. The Environmental Working Group website is supportive but lists your ingredient,

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Concern about Aloe Ferox

Thanks for your query regarding the Aloe Ferox used in our products. Please can you supply an email address so I can answer in detail? Many thanks Sue

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Tinted Sunscreen for Fair Skin

Hello, I have fair skin with warm/yellow undertones and am looking for a tinted zinc oxide sunscreen to prevent the classic white cast I have with white

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Sunumbra Family

Qn: Is the Sunumbra Family product the same as the Classic? Or is it a whiter tint? Answer: Sunumbra Family is whiter than the Classic and the Sunkids,

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