sunumbra sunscreen
affiliates program

Does it cost anything to join the sunscreen affiliates program?

Absolutely nothing... 

  • no membership subscription
  • no "starter kit" purchase
  • no commitment to future fees
  • no requirement to buy stock

What is an Affiliate Program?

In a nutshell…

  • Step 1 - You send visitors to our website
  • Step 2 - We identify and track those visitors (via a proven cookie/database-driven system) as belonging to you
  • Step 3 - If they buy, you get a commission

All you need to do is provide valuable, relevant information to your visitors enabling them to make an informed judgement as to whether or not sunumbra® is the great product we say it is.

We look after everything else, including...

  • processing credit cards
  • shipping products
  • providing all follow-up customer support

But the Affiliate Program goes beyond the commissions. It includes...

  • lifetime customer commissions (once your customer, always your customer) from subsequent sales of sunumbra® or any new products which may be introduced to the program
  • 2 tiers of income (earn from sales made by your sub-affiliates ie your buyers who then signed up as affiliates)
  • advice to help you succeed, both online and off.

How it works

The Post Affiliate Pro software that powers the program works by...

  • first having visitors click links or banners placed on your website or email
  • upon clicking on the link, the visitor is redirected to our website, where the visitor may browse or make a purchase
  • when the visitor initially clicks on this link, the affiliate software detects this action and stores information about which Affiliate referred the visitor
  • after the visitor has been directed to the sunumbra® website and a purchase has been made, the software retrieves the information stored earlier about the "initiating" Affiliate and then credits them with the sale
  • the Affiliate is subsequently paid

Here's what to do now

  • You apply to become an Affiliate, then...
  • You receive your account login details
  • You give people information about sunumbra®
  • You receive enquiries about how to order sunumbra®
  • You direct them to the sunumbra® website or order page
  • You earn commission income on sales made

Lets look at each of these more closely...

1. The Application

Nothing simpler... just click on the link below (a new window will open) and follow the quick, easy signup process. You'll notice that the program is run under the Organic Products name, this is because sunumbra®

 is one of the products within the Organic Products LLC range...

Click here to sign up to join the sunumbra affiliate's program

If you don't have your own website here are 2 easy solutions...



Both are free services enabling anyone to have their own blog website. They require no technical knowledge and no more than 5 minutes to set up.

2. The Login details

Immediately after your application to join the program has been received we will send you an email. This will provide you with login details to enable access at any time to your personal account. Go there to check on...sales madecommissions earnedpaymentsother detailsThis same email will give you your unique ID that enables the software powering the Affiliate Program to identify buyers referred by you.

3. The Information 

This is the key to your success as an Affiliate. 

There are many sources of information both online and offline. However, to get a quick start the best is to explore these web sites...

4. The Enquiry

... "What do I do when I receive an enquiry about how to buy sunumbra®?"

First, ensure that the person concerned is making an informed decision to buy. Its important to remember that your focus should not be to "sell" sunumbra®, rather it should be to ensure that potential buyers are well informed and that their new found knowledge of the benefits of sunumbra® are based on a clear understanding of what makes sunumbra® not just different but very much superior to alternative products.

Second, direct your client to the sunumbra® website or order page through your unique link. This will be either a text link or banner that you will find after logging into your account as an Affiliate.

  • if you have a website simply provide a link from any appropriate page
  • if by email then include the URL link
  • if by word of mouth then spell out the URL

What if a client doesn't have access to the web or a credit card? The answer here is to request... 

  • payment from them directly to yourself 
  • their delivery address

Then... simply go through your own web page and enter the order on their behalf using your own credit card.

5. The Order

Your part is complete once you have referred someone to the sunumbra® website or order page. If they have been well informed by you they will then be confident enough to order... and your earnings grow.

What happens then? We take over and do this…

  • process the order
  • process the payment
  • ship the order
  • track the order (where appropriate)
  • email order details to the purchaser
  • handle returns, replacements and refunds

"Do I have to do anything more?" 

Not if you don't want to... but if you want to make a success of things its important to stay in close touch with all those whom you have advised, whether or not they have ordered. 

Why? Because there are always questions, doubts, misunderstandings, enthusiastic responses and... repeat orders. You will have access to all the information you need in your affiliate account to enable you to do this.

Not everyone will re-order. However, staying in touch and offering valuable information, advice and guidance will go a long way towards ensuring those who can benefit will continue to do so.

All the "back end" accounting and inventory management are handled automatically so... at the month end all your orders are accounted for and you are credited accordingly.

You can track these at any time by simply logging into your account.

What next? 

Something even more important...

6. The Commission income

Or, to put it another way... "How much can I earn?" Before I answer that question its important to ask another first... what is the basis or "sales model" for the program?

Lets start by saying what it isn't... its not a "networking" or "multi level marketing" model. Why? Well, there's nothing wrong with "MLMs" provided they are a good "fit" for the product being sold... such as household cleaners or vitamins. But sunumbra®

 is not floor polish. Its not an "off the shelf" commodity that everyone understands. 

Why is this important? 

Because it gets back to the "message" of sunumbra®... you're not "selling a product" but "giving valuable information" about a complex and poorly understood subject - sun protection.

So what is the sales model for the Affiliate Program?

Its simply a "2 tier" commission based structure. Here are the details...

Tier 1

This commission is payable to an Affiliate who has referred a new customer who has never before purchased, directly or indirectly, any product sold by Organic Products LLC. The Tier 1 commission is calculated as follows:

  • Product - 1 or 2 tubes of sunumbra® spf30+
  • Selling price - $27.70
  • Commission - 20% = $5.54

OR, for 1st level quantity discount...

  • Product - 3+ tubes of sunumbra® spf30+
  • Selling price - $24.90
  • Commission - 20% = $4.98

In the event that the same customer purchases again the same commission will be payable to the Affiliate. There is no limit to the number of repeat sales that attract commissions at the above rate as "cookies" are set for life (this means they do not expire after a certain number of days like most affiliate programs - once your client, always your client).

Tier 2

This commission is payable to an Affiliate who has referred a new customer who themselves subsequently become an Affiliate and who refers a new customer who has never before purchased, directly or indirectly, any product sold by Organic Products LLC. The Tier 2 commission is calculated as follows:

  • Product - 1 or 2 tubes of sunumbra® spf30+
  • Selling price - $27.70
  • Commission - 5% = $1.38

OR, for 1st level quantity discount...

  • Product - 3+ tubes of sunumbra® spf30+
  • Selling price - $24.90
  • Commission - 5% = $1.24

Repeat purchases are treated in the same way as for Tier 1.

Please note: Organic Products LLC reserves the right to change its selling prices at any time in which event the commission percentage will not change but the absolute $ commission amount will change accordingly.

For the sake of clarity here's an example. Lets say you sign up as a sunumbra®

 Affiliate and in the...

  • 1st month you refer 10 people who buy sunumbra®
  • 2nd month you refer 15 buyers
  • 3rd month you refer 20 buyers

...how much commission would you earn? 

Here's the calculation (based on single tube purchases)...

Tier 1 = 45 sales (10+15+20) at $5.54 commission per sale = $249.30

Now lets say half of these buyers sign up as Affiliates and each refers the same number of new buyers in their first 3 months as you have done. How much commission would you earn (not your sub-affiliates)? Here's the calculation...

Tier 2 = 990 sales (22 Associates x 45 sales each) at $1.24 commission per sale = $1,227.60

Total commissions earned over the 3 months = $1,476.90

Three more questions you may be asking...

1. "What happens if I refer someone and they do order and then the next time they want to order they come to the order page through some other path... will I earn a commission?"

  • yes... you will earn commissions on all repeat orders. How will this be ensured? Here's how... your "Associate ID" link sets a "cookie". What's a "cookie"? Its simply a small file that gets written into the hard disc of a visitor to the web site and it serves as an ID tag. Its not an application so there is zero danger to the integrity of the visitors' hard drive. This way the web site automatically recognizes a repeat visitor as someone who has previously ordered through you and they will then be automatically logged as your customer. This is backed up by a database driven system which logs IP addresses and does a few other quite clever things to ensure you're credited with the referred sale.

2. "What if I refer someone who subsequently orders a re-seller's'case' and therefor attracts the re-seller's discount... will I earn a commission?"

  • no... the re-seller's discount is too deep to enable an additional margin for Affiliate's commission

3. "What about lost parcels?"

  • full tracking with tracking numbers is only possible if a client elects to use a shipping option that provides for this from the choices made available on the order form. 
  • however, if parcels do go astray or are lost (ie. have exceeded the reasonable time limit for delivery) you should inform us (assuming your client has not done so already) and we will have a replacement sent immediately. Our policy will always be full replacement at our cost and a 100% money back guarantee if for any reason the customer is not satisfied
  • you carry no liability in this respect.

How do I get paid? 

Payment will be made using PayPal so it is necessary to open an account. 

If you do not have one you can do so here by clicking here... open PayPal account... (a new page will open). Its free and takes less than 5 minutes.

Payments will be made within 15 days of the first of the month for the prior month's sales. For example, commissions for sales made during May will be sent out on or before the 15th of June. 

Important note: The minimum amount for payment is $120. This means a minimum of 20 tubes of sunumbra® must be purchased before commissions can be paid. Any amount under this will be held in your account and carried forward until the minimum for pay out is reached (this is ongoing).

There you have it. If there's anything you're unsure about or need clarification on then please let us know here.

The benefits of joining the program are many. Some obvious, some not... 

  • you waste no time doing “dead” workadminfilingpaper chasingdebt collecting etc
  • you don’t have to find the capital to buy whole piles of productstore itinsure itlabel itpost ittrack it 
  • you don’t even have to take the order and email it or fax it
  • nor do you have to handle the payments and pass them on

All this “back office” stuff is handled by our systems.

You just focus on what matters... informing others about the benefits of sunumbra®. Then point them at the order page. 

Simple, focused and productive.

Its flexible too – you can place the orders yourself on behalf of those who either may not have web access or a credit card.

Think of the many ways you can reach people and tell them... first about sunumbra® and then how to order...

  • a link on your website
  • lead people to the link online
  • tell people about it offline
  • have the link on your stationery
  • put it after your email “signature”

The list goes on, but the point is this… however you wish to use it, whoever you refer with a "confident and well informed mind set" will order and… 

...your earnings increase. 

Kind Regards and with best wishes for your success,

Sue Ingram

As an Affiliate you will from time to time receive email messages sent exclusively to Affiliates. Their purpose is to keep you abreast of developments specifically relating to the sale and distribution of sunumbra®.

Click here to sign up to join the sunumbra affiliate's program

You'll notice that the program is run under the Organic Products name. This is because sunumbra® is one of the products within the Organic Products LLC range.

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