Washing off product

by Olivia
(Indiana, USA)

Hello, I have Sunumbra sport and I'm wondering if something like an oil based cleanser or make up remover is necessary to remove the product since it is so water resistant? I was also wondering if one of your sunscreens would be best for daily wear on someone who is oily skinned. Thank you!

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Nov 21, 2017
Washing off product
by: Sue

Hello Olivia. I recommend using a simple exfoliator like a little bicarbonate of soda powder rubbed onto your skin with enough water just to wet it. Or a homemade mix of the bicarb and some coconut oil. The latter is a great moisturizer too, even with an oily skin type.
Our Sunumbra Daily is worn by many people with a variety of skin types, as their daily moisturizer. Some wear it on top of their usual moisturizer, some as the only cream they wear. It has UVB protection (SPF15) as well as UVA, which is so important all year round, but it also has healing ingredients.
Some people choose to wear the Sunumbra Classic every day, as they prefer a little more UVB protection (SPF 30). This is also popular with those with an oily skin.

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