UVB/UVA Balance

by Ash

Your site says that your sunscreen "maximizes UVB, without burning, to maximise vitamin D". Does this mean that it does not block UVB rays or that it only prevents sunburn, but still allows for tanning?

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Jan 17, 2014
UVB/UVA Balance
by: Sue Ingram

Sunumbra sunscreens are designed to block the UVB rays from 97% (SPF30) to 98% (SPF40). This effectively allows for some penetration, which in turn allows for some Vitamin D creation. Blocking UVB rays completely does not allow for any Vitamin D creation.

Too much UVB may result in a sunburn, which is totally undesirable of course. This needs to be managed by the individual in terms of the time spent in the sun relative to their skin type and how much reapplication of the sunscreen is therefore required.

A tan is a result of exposure to the UVA rays. Excess exposure results in a deeper level damage to the skin than through the UVB rays and therefore potentially far more dangerous where skin cancer is concerned. Hence you need as high as possible a protection level from the UVA rays and not just the UVB rays

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