sunkids sunscreen contains dimethicone?

by seunghyeon

I suprised to see the whole ingredients.
I bought sunkids sunscreed.
Not displayed on its web site, But the back of the product is written the dimethikon behind the zinc oxide.
sunkids sunscreen contains dimethicone?
I thought they were organic products purchased I was disappointed.

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Jun 18, 2015
Sunumbra Sunkids with Dimethicone?
by: Sue

Two of our sunscreens use dimethicone coated zinc oxide, the other three use an uncoated zinc oxide. See https://www.sunumbra.com/zinc-oxide.html where we explain why we use the coated version.
We are not an organic sunscreen due to our using the mineral zinc oxide only, with none of the chemical sunscreen ingredients. We do use organic botanical ingredients though that provide an extra level of protection.

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