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I recently purchased your sunscreen and am completely satisfied. I am only using it on my face. If I applied it to my arms and legs, would it stain my clothing. If the answer is "yes", will it wash out easily.

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Dec 01, 2013
Staining properties in sunumbra products
by: Sue Ingram

Sunumbra's classic sunscreen - the SPF30 - as well as the sunkids both contain botanicals that provide fabulous sun protective and skin healing properties, but also provide the colour in the cream. They can rub off onto clothes and stain them - especially if the cream is not yet dry and of course, much more noticeable if the clothes are white.
I do find that they will wash clean, but in some cases you may find you need to use a very strong stain remover, especially with white clothes.
For this reason, the Sunumbra Sport and the Sunumbra Daily (newest product) have been created without these colour based ingredients.

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