Please provide Critical wavelengths and UVA PF's for Sunumbra?

Could you please provide your UVA-PF and Critical wavelength measurements for your sunscreen?

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Aug 27, 2015
Updated Information on Sunumbra's CWL and UVAPF
by: Sue Ingram

The following is a summary of the updated COLIPA certification that was performed on all products last year:
Sunumbra Daily (SPF15) - CWL = 374.67; UVA PF = 7.18
Sunumbra SPF30 (Classic) - CWL = 376; UVA PF = 16.61
Sunumbra Sunkids (SPF40) - CWL = 374; UVA PF = 19.52
Sunumbra Sport (SPF40) - CWL = 378.53; UVA PF = 24.92
Sunumbra Family (SPF30) - CWL = 374; UVA PF = 17.18

The UVA PF details produced previously were not presented correctly, but rather represented the UVA ratio from the previous tests performed.

Dec 19, 2013
How do get 5 star protection?
by: Anonymous

Hi there sunumbra people :-)

Question: I thought a 5-star UVA protection meant you had a certain ratio of UVA to UVB according to the PF scale.

Just curious how can you get a 5-star rating for your product when, for instance, your SunKids has a UVA-PF of less than a third of the stated spf (and therefore it doesnt' pass COLIPA's guidelines let alone garnering a 5-star rating)?

Really interested to hear your thoughts. I

Dec 14, 2013
Sunumbra sunkids
by: Anonymous

Great numbers. Just curious why the Sunkids formula doesn't meet the EU requirements that the UvA protection be one third of the UVB. Great critical wavelength numbers though!!

Dec 01, 2013
Products UVA PF's and Critical Wavelengths
by: Sue Ingram

sunumbra SPF30 - UVA PF is 11.9; Wavelength is 379.9
sunumbra sunkids - UVA PF is 9.4; Wavelength is 381.1
sunumbra sport - UVA PF is 12.4; Wavelength is 379.1
sunumbra daily - UVA PF is 7.85; Wavelength is 376.08

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