How much is enough for protection?

by chris
(south africa)

I spent an unusual amount of time in the sun today and slathered on the Sunkids spf 40 and am really feeling the effects of it this evening: a bit of sunstroke and redness.

Perhaps I didn't apply enough cream? Or I'm just overestimating its protection? I'm sometimes worried because Sunumbra visibly sinks in so well and is so barely perceptible on my skin that I find myself doubting if I've even got enough on!

Perhaps this is just a case of relying too much on the cream and not enough on hats and shade too.

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Dec 01, 2013
Sunumbra's protection capacity
by: Sue Ingram

Such a wonderful query as this relates to a global issue with sunscreens: How much is enough?
The answer lies in the combination of the capabilities of your skin to withstand long hours in the sun; the strength of the sun on the specific day; and amount of cream applied as well as how often reapplied. Also, specific circumstances related to the location you are at can increase the strength of the sun's UV rays - latitude, altitude and how clean the air is, or unfiltered.
Our sunscreen does not block the sun's rays completely - no sunscreen does - so it is always advisable to know your limits and wear protective clothing when conditions dictate. Most especially a hat.
And always reapply - remember that our sunscreen not only protects from the sun, but boosts your skin's ability to deal with any potential damage.

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