Gluten and soya free?

by Kelly

I have been searching for a sunscreen that is safe for my daughter who has celiac and a soy allergy. Your FAQ states that your sunscreens are gluten free. Is that still the case? Also, do any of your sunscreens contain soy in any form (i.e....soy oil, tocopherols, vitamin E, lecithin)?

I am also curious as to the different types of sunscreens that you have. She is needing something with high sun protection like the Sport but doesn't want any tint or color or white residue left on the skin. In other words, she needs something that will blend in and not be noticeable. Which would you recommend?

Thank you for your help!!!

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Apr 20, 2016
Sunumbra Sunscreens free of Gluten and Soya
by: Sue

Thanks for sending through your query about our sunscreens for your daughter. Celiac and soy must be quite a burden when out shopping? I like to believe that our sunscreens make it easier for people as discerning as yourselves to find one that is toxic free.

I can confirm that all our products are gluten free and that there is no soy present in any form, or tocopherols, vitamin E, and lecithin.

Regarding a specific recommendation, of the 2 that are SPF40, I would recommend the Sunkids for its high UVA and UVB protection as well as the added antioxidants. But it does have a tint to it that comes from some of the botanicals in the formula. All our products will rub in and not leave that traditional whiteness on the skin that most zinc oxide sunscreens are known for. However, this tint in both the Classic and Sunkids, is preferred by many of our customers as they say it helps counter any whiteness experienced. Some like to use the Classic as their daily face cream without any foundation or such.
If your daughter is particularly active outdoors, then the Sport would be my next recommendation. The Family sunscreen is also very good as it will rub in without leaving white residue, has no tint, and is not as robust as the Sport.

Although I am not sure of your daughters age, all our sunscreens can be worn by children as they are free of chemical, synthetic toxins and as pure as they can be.

I hope this helps? I am always happy to engage further with any other aspects requiring clarity.

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