face sunscreen

Q. what Sunumbra product is best for the face?
A. All the Sunumbra sunscreens will be fine on the face. They provide great protection and contain added properties for deeper, longer lasting protection for your skin.
More specifically, for everyday wear we designed the Sunumbra Daily. It is lighter in texture than the SPF30's and SPF40's but great for protection every day, all year round.
The Sunumbra SPF30 and Sunumbra Sunkids are also popular for every day wear as they provide more protection than the Sunumbra Daily but also contain a tint that many people like to wear on their face.
Sunumbra Sport is quite robust and designed for very active outdoors days.
Sunumbra Family is great on the face too, providing more protection than the Sunumbra Daily if that is required for the activity or sunshine being exposed to that day.

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